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New Journalism, especially when considered as subordinating factual reporting to entertainment.

par′a·jour′nal·ist n.
par′a·jour′nal·is′tic adj.


(Journalism & Publishing) journalism that does not wholly concern itself with truth but engages in subjective and creative speculations

New′ Jour′nalism

journalism containing the writer's personal opinions and reactions and often fictional asides as added color.
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Participating photographers and video artists such as Sammy Baloji, Ursula Biemann, Marcelo Exposito, Lamia Joreige, Oliver Ressler, and Hito Steyerl investigated, often in parajournalistic ways, extremely particular local and translocal events and histories, addressing questions of memory and the documentary function of the image.
What the websites found in this more complex and interconnected picture of the news mediasphere continue to have in common, however, is that they are controlled by their operators; content is posted under specific mastheads, and it is these mastheads--and the journalistic or parajournalistic ethos for which they stand--that signal to readers the context of articles and comments.