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 (păr′ə-lĭp′sĭs) or par·a·leip·sis (-līp′-) or par·a·lep·sis (-lĕp′-)
n. pl. par·a·lip·ses (-sēz) or par·a·leip·ses or par·a·lep·ses

[Late Latin paralīpsis, from Greek paraleipsis, omission, apophasis, from paraleipein, to leave to the side, omit : para-, para- + leipein, to leave; see leikw in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.paralepsis - suggesting by deliberately concise treatment that much of significance is omitted
rhetorical device - a use of language that creates a literary effect (but often without regard for literal significance)
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In order to create suspense and intensify the dramatic impact, the narrator uses the device of paralepsis, purposefully suppressing the information that the enemy horseman is no other than the sentinel's own father, a fact that is not explicitly spelled out until the very end of the narrative.
El segundo no tiene todavia nombre; la bautizaremos paralepsis, puesto que se trata aqui no de dejar (-lipsis, de leipo) una informacion que se deberia tomar (y dar), sino, por el contrario, de tomar (-lepse, de lambano) y dar una informacion que se deberia dejar.
But the very insistence on prolepses and other narrative distortions such as paralepsis (unnecessary but detailed information) and paralipsis (putting aside important information) only attest to the status of the story as a therapeutic construct that creates relations and bonds among the "story community".
Towards the end of the book Bazin declares that one of Frame's 'favourite linguistic weapons to suggest a reality she cannot bear to face or relate directly' is paralepsis (p.
Esas apariciones de omnisciencia, en todo caso (por la tonica que rige la mayor parte del relato), aparecen mas como paralepsis (19) que como un cambio propiamente modal.
Por eso, mezcla la pauca e multis con el occupatio o el paralepsis, dos tropos que permiten que el ponente incluya un tema al decir que lo pasara por alto (Lanham 68).
But the claim proves mere paralepsis, as Howells repeatedly returns to the fact of Dunbar's race, particularly the purity of his African blood undiluted by any white admixture, and so by implication, his artistry unattributable to any infusions of white intelligence.
says he does recognize them for the moment--out of compassion and refers, with paralepsis, to the proceedings as "luderlich" in order to offer such a description for the court's self-consideration ("Selbsterkenntnis") (Der Process 62).
3) I will discuss the possibilities and limits of this narrativization based on an assumption by Phelan that there is a rhetorical and ethical component to narrative strategies in general and thus also to paralepsis in first-person fiction: To what intent would an implied author (as redefined by Phelan 45) use paralepsis?
Su tarea esencial consiste, en efecto, en la compleja mision de indagar y aclarar el proceso de recepcion y transmision (la paralepsis y la paradosis), por medio de las cuales se sustancia, en el transcurso de los siglos, la razon de ser de la Iglesia.
Por tras de cada uma dessas estrategias--a paralepsis de Ortiz e a argumentacao antinomica de Freyre-, pode-se entrever um pensamento em movimento, sendo estruturado e organizado por uma subjetividade criadora, o que da uma tensao peculiar aos seus textos.
Genette has dubbed this type of so-called error, where the narrator gives more information than is authorized by the overarching form, paralepsis (1980, 195).