parametric equation

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paramet′ric equa′tion

one of two or more equations expressing the location of a point on a curve or surface by determining each coordinate separately.
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The complexity found in these motifs is brought into contemporary design through a parametric equation that responds to programmatic requirements.
Equation (1) is the parametric equation for a 3D curve:
This variable profile is the essential property of the parametric equation curves, which suggests a formal definition of the parametric design; distant from external references, restrictions or regular alterations, which are the general interpretations of the concept parameter gathered from documents connected to constructive modelling.
Aspherical shapes, such as paraboloids, can be programmed as a point table or with a parametric equation.
As noted previously, the resulting PLM with parametric equation for K is referred to as the PLMK-parm.
The parametric equation of the first circle centered at [C.
depr], is a cubic curve whose parametric equation is given by the formulas {c = - [r.
Example 18 Let S be the ellipsoid represented by the following parametric equation
3) Examining the parametric equation for the envelope (fig 3b), we see that X=0 occurs when the parameter t = 1/2.
Equation (7) expresses the parametric equation of the generated path through the fictitious mechanism Wp-7.
We note that m = f(b)-f(a)/g(b)-g(a) and we get y = 1/2 x + [pi]/2, the parametric equation for AC can be written as

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