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n. parametrio, tejido celular suelto alrededor del útero.
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The system is based on clinical examination to assess tumour extent and parametrium status, and histological samples obtained by colposcopic biopsy or diagnostic conisation.
The surface of the ovary is adherent, usually to the posterior side of the parametrium and part of the ovarian cortex is invaginated.
Surgical pathology reports of radical hysterectomy specimens should therefore include the same information as reported for LEEP and cone biopsies in addition to the percentage invasion into the cervical wall, the gross size of the tumor, and the status of the parametrium.
30,32) Dynamic contrast-enhanced T1W gradient-echo imaging will also reveal opacification of the vessels within the uterus and adjacent parametrium as well as depict an early draining vein.
There have only been sporadic case reports of angiosarcomas of the cervix, uterus, vagina, parametrium, broad ligament and pelvis, and only 1 well-documented case of primary ovarian angiosarcoma in the literature to date.
Cone biopsy or simple hysterectomy without parametrium removal appears adequate in patients with clinical stage I cervical cancer and clear parametrial margins as long as the tumor size is no greater than 2 cm.
In the usual radical hysterectomy, the specimen will include parametrium, although if a lesser procedure is performed, the most external layer may be uterine serosa.
The parametrium, pelvic lymph nodes, left adnexa, and peritoneal washings were negative for carcinoma.