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n. parametrio, tejido celular suelto alrededor del útero.
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The company said Venezia is designed to treat not only the cervix using an intracavitary technique, but also disease extensions in the parametrium and vagina employing interstitial needles.
When there is an extension of the placenta to the parametrium, there may be significant risk to the ureteric injury; in those cases, preoperative ureteric stenting may be helpful to identify the ureter.
The involvement of the ovary and fallopian tubes, uterine cavity, parametrium, and Douglas pouch have rarely been reported (3, 4, 9).
All the lesions of the uterine cervix involving ectocervix and endocervix were included and lesions arising from the body of uterus, vulva, vagina, and neighboring organs extending in cervical canal but not involving cervical tissue and parametrium were excluded.
3,4] We report the rare case of a woman with a pelvic schwannoma in the right parametrium and extending into the right thigh.
MRI can be used to stage endometrial cancer by showing 1) the depth of myometrial invasion and extension into the cervix, broad ligaments, and parametrium and 2) abnormal lymph nodes.
The greatest reduction in dynamics of primary volume parametrium an infiltrate was observed: in 1-basic group--with 12.
In the usual radical hysterectomy, the specimen will include parametrium, although if a lesser procedure is performed, the most external layer may be uterine serosa.
The Z-Type Scissors and Forceps are ideal for clamping and cutting parametrium and uterine tissue during vaginal or abdominal hysterectomy procedures.