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Structural alteration of a mineral without change of chemical composition.

par′a·mor′phic (-fĭk), par′a·mor′phous (-fəs) adj.


(Minerals) a process by which the crystalline structure of a mineral alters without any change in its chemical composition
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The paramorphic representation of clinical judgment.
Estimating Risk Tolerance: The Degree of Accuracy and the Paramorphic Representations of the Estimate.
This is a paramorphic way of modelling, which is an input-output mapping of the judgment process under the premise that the material to be evaluated is perceptually salient.
Paramorphic quantitative models determined which cues were used and in which manner these cues were employed by the individual judges.
A small kimberlite pipe at Beni Bouchera, Morocco has yielded fairly sharp, multi-centimeter-sized octahedral "crystals" of graphite paramorphic after diamond: presumably the rate of ascent in this particular pipe was slow enough to allow the crystallographic reorganization to take place (Bob Downs, personal communication, 2002).
Comments on the Paramorphic Representation of Clinical Judgment.
Models which have the same subject an source are called homeomorphic and those which have a source which is different from the subject are called paramorphic (Harre [1970], Chapter 2).