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1. Of chief concern or importance: "My paramount object in this struggle is to save the Union" (Abraham Lincoln).
2. Highest in rank, power, or authority: the paramount leader of the nation.
One that has the highest rank, power, or authority.

[Anglo-Norman paramont, above : par, by (from Latin per; see per in Indo-European roots) + amont, above, upward; see amount.]

par′a·mount′cy n.
par′a·mount′ly adv.
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It's probably not possible to overestimate the potential importance of these interior exchanges: the poet's central life as a poet may be paramountly at stake and at risk.
However, and primarily, the RSS government needs to paramountly transparently manage the current oil revenue in Unity State and utilize it soundly too for that matter
Africa is still paramountly an uncharted continent economically, and the withdrawal of the colonial rulers from political control is interpreted as a signal for the descent of the international monopolies upon the continent's natural resources.