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n. pl. pa·raph·y·ses (-sēz′)
One of the erect sterile filaments often occurring among the reproductive organs of certain fungi, algae, and mosses.

[New Latin : para- + Greek phusis, nature, growth; see physic.]


n, pl -ses (-ˌsiːz)
(Botany) any of numerous sterile cells occurring between the sex organs of mosses and algae and between the spore-producing bodies of basidiomycetous and ascomycetous fungi
[C19: New Latin from Greek: subsidiary growth, from para-1 + phusis growth]
paˈraphysate adj
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Noun1.paraphysis - a sterile simple or branched filament or hair borne among sporangiaparaphysis - a sterile simple or branched filament or hair borne among sporangia; may be pointed or clubbed
fibril, filament, strand - a very slender natural or synthetic fiber
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5-4 um (4 um); PARAPHYSES were marginal, yellowish brown to reddish brown, cylindrical or clavate, 50-130 (-135) x 6-8 um thick, apically rounded; wall 1-3 um thick, side walls seems thicker at apex, hyaline below and sometimes dichotomously branched.
Archegonia on short lateral branches, without paraphyses Riccardia 5.
Binucleate asci are cylindrical to subclavate surrounded by paraphyses and contain eight hyaline unequally season, which develops on infected over-wintering chickpea debris, followed by several asexual generations during the parasitic phase of the disease cycle.
Even the lowest concentration of the essential oils gave rise to urediniospores, appressoria, germ tubes and paraphyses that were shrivelled in comparison with those observed in the infected plants that had been treated only with water containing 1% Tween 20 (Figure 2).
Uredinia hypophyllous, yellowish, minute, covered with ruptured epidermis, pulverulent, scattered over the whole leaf surface, surrounded by numerous incurved paraphyses.