A parapsychologist.


(ˌpærəˈsaɪkɪk) or


of or relating to actions of the mind for which there are no scientific explanations
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This may all be yet another misunderstanding, but hasn't the dividing line between intermental communication and parapsychic hocus-pocus become impossibly fine?
uncovers and explores some surprising connections in modern France between those who study purported parapsychic experiences--communicating with the dead, telepathy, telekinesis, etc--and those who study the human psyche.
That established, Osment himself, who rocketed to fame as the parapsychic kid in the blockbuster ``The Sixth Sense'' four years ago, respectfully acknowledges that he learns a lot from all of his professional elders - and with guys who have as much to give as Caine and Duvall do, it's an extra-special treat.
He makes it possible to re-examine from a different perspective some chapters of the ethnological literature concerned with magic powers, locating him as a continuator of the theories of authors who are being rediscovered today, such as Andrew Lang and Ernesto Martino, who established a strict relation between the magic vision of the world and the parapsychic phenomonology that often accompanies it.