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An agent or preparation used to destroy parasites.

par′a·sit′i·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.
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Adj.1.parasiticidal - capable of expelling or destroying parasitic wormsparasiticidal - capable of expelling or destroying parasitic worms
healthful - conducive to good health of body or mind; "a healthful climate"; "a healthful environment"; "healthful nutrition"; "healthful sleep"; "Dickens's relatively healthful exuberance"
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Tenders are invited for Supply of Patent Drugs Ecto Endo Parasiticidal.
However, stringent regulations for registration and approval of animal parasiticides, restrictions on the use of parasiticides in food producing animals, expensive and time consuming R&D activities to develop a new product, restriction on the use of specific parasiticides in certain countries, emerging species of parasites with resistance to existing parasiticidal agents restrict the growth of the market to a certain extent.
cruzi detection in 1) cerebrospinal fluid, 2) brain tissue, or 3) blood, with neurologic manifestations and clinical response to parasiticidal treatment (2).
This requires work on novel molecular targets in Plasmodium and designing inhibitors with potential parasiticidal activities.
However, these researchers point out that bioactive compounds may not necessarily possess direct parasiticidal effect but may have other pharmacological properties such as antipyretic, analgesic or immunostimulatory.
22,1] reported that the effect of ivermectin seems to depend not only on its parasiticidal action but relies also on an activation of host immunocompetence .
Because the reactive oxygen species are well known in vertebrates as strong microbicidal and parasiticidal effectors (Klebanoff 1968, Babior 1978, Nakagawara et al.