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One of two or more biological specimens or other elements from which a holotype was designated in the original published description of a species or subspecies.

par′a·typ′ic (-tĭp′ĭk) adj.
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2 mm wide, with 17 thoracic chaetigers; smallest complete paratype (MNHNCL ANN-15023) 14.
male] paratype, Edible History Garden, Levy Preserve, Eleuthera, Bahamas, 4 VII 2014, P.
The paratypes are yellowish brown with the head and gaster of the major being slightly darker (the minor paratype is concolorous yellowish brown).
Diagnosis: Dorsal rays XI,9 (1 female paratype with XI1,9); anal rays 111,9; pectoral rays 15; lateral line scales 17+7; median predorsal scales 5; horizontal rows of scales on cheek 2; gill rakers 13-15; body depth 2.
Petri), holotype [masculinidad]; ibidem, 4 paratypes [masculinidad][masculinidad]; ibidem, 1 paratype [masculinidad]; ibidem, IX.
Female paratype, same locality, data and collector as holotype, deposited in MCTP 19999.
As mentioned, the holotype of Tryssogobius flavolineatus was first identified as a paratype of T.
Unfortunately, it is distorted and does not look natural; therefore the undistorted larger (adult) specimen, the paratype, is illustrated.