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Plural of paries.
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Illa ipsa nocte in cubiculo Maximi silva crescebat et crescebat et crescebat, dum de camara eius pependerunt vites et parietes circumundique facti sunt mundus et oceanus praeterlapsus est cum cumba privata Maximo et per noctem diemque enavigavit.
While entering, the parietes is lifted using the left hand of the surgeon at the umbilicus.
Amphibalanusamphitrite (previously named Balanusamphitrite,(Clare and Hoeg, 2008) is a major marine biofouling invertebrate distributed in tropical and warm temperate worldwide waters (Clare and Alred 2009), it is belong to balanidae family, and the common names is striped barnacle or purple acorn barnacle, morphological characteristics are a medium-sized, parietal tubes in single row, without transverse septa, exterior of shell with longitudinal striations, shell conical, white and distinctly marked with thick, composed of 6 parietes.