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n. Canadian
A multilevel structure for parking motor vehicles.

[Blend of park and arcade.]


(Automotive Engineering) Canadian a building used as a car park
[C20: from park + (arc)ade]



n. Canadian.
a building or other construction designed for parking motor vehicles.
[1955–60; b. park (v.) and arcade]
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I stumbled upon these two as I was skating through the Savin Rock Parkade.
Opes Advisors' new Spokane office is conveniently located downtown, across from the Parkade and within the Skywalk system.
On opening day and regular weekdays, buses will ferry people to the fairgrounds every 30 minutes from the Marion Parkade downtown, from the downtown Transit Center, and from the corner of Capitol and Marion streets NE.
The Market Centre Parkade charges 75 cents per hour.
The Gustav Voigts Centre is also one of the very few central properties with its own parkade on four levels, providing parking to about 250 cars, as well as convenient parking and access for patrons of the Kalahari Sands Hotel.
The parkade is at the end of the line and the city wanted it to make a statement.
And they have shortlisted Birmingham's Millennium Point Car Park in their top ten which also lists 1111 Lincoln Road Miami, Eureka Tower Car Park, Melbourne and Cordova Parkade, Vancouver.
The city currently operates a five-story parkade on Commerical Street, which Camandona believes is an underutilized asset.
The current owner, Tim Rathjen, purchased the business, in 2003, when it was located in the Parkade Building on Commercial Street.
It is home to the biggest Carrefour Hypermarket in Abu Dhabi, and boasts an extensive, conveniently located parkade with over 7,500 covered car parking spaces.
According to Hlekane, the construction of the second storey parkade will increase parking slots at the airport by 5,200 to bring the facility's total parking slots to about 12,100.