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(Human Geography) Canadian a small public park



n. Canadian.
a small park, usually open to the public and containing amenities like children's play facilities.
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But when I study a neighborhood parkette where a homeless trans-woman sleeps, I struggle to write sociologically about why simply blaming the state misses the point.
Others can be found in Little Norway Park, Trinity Bellwoods, Roxton Road Parkette and Christie Pits.
Features of the greenway include seven distinct areas, or plazas, that pay tribute to Sudbury's assets: innovation, arts and entertainment, community/market, green, natural heritage, cultural heritage, and the Nelson Street Parkette.
Simons, the market's main proponent on council, first suggested that about five vendors could sell their goods at Cobblestone Commons, the parkette on Grand River Street North in Paris.
Alex got the idea to build a drive-in restaurant; and the Parkette, as it was known, was a hit from the beginning.
That's right: Betty and Alex Schoenbaum founded the original Shoney's, then called the Parkette, in 1947.
Suppliers included the likes of Parkette flooring, Lightform, and Trend from Italy, Olympia tile, and Maharam Fabrics.
May 18th dedication of the Cairn at the Butler Parkette
A new space called the Sales & Industry Terrace is located a block up the street from the Sutton Place Hotel, and the Sales & Industry Parkette off Cumberland Avenue near the Four Seasons will be operational again.
Where: Parkette on Bremnar Boulevard (across from Metro Toronto Convention, Center South Building Entrance)
He serves as a director on the boards of the APCI Federal Credit Union and the nonprofit Parkette National Gymnastics Center.
THE OFFICES OF PETER O'BRIAN, perhaps one of Canada's best-known film producers, are hidden away in all industrial building behind Yonge Street in midtown Toronto, across a narrow parkette from a set of gentrified new renos.