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 (păr′əs, pâr′-)
Having given birth one or more times.

[From -parous.]
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Adj.1.parous - having given birth to one or more viable children
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The patients were about 27 years old on average, and just over half (n = 224) were parous.
A study in which nitroglycerine was used as tocolytic, showed increase in the overall success rate of ECV in parous women from 50% (without tocolysis) to 71% proving that the use of tocolysis increases the success rate of ECV18.
As can be seen in Table 4, most participants had menarche at 12-13 y of age, most were parous (median number of births, 2), completed their first full term pregnancy in their 20s (median age, 24 y), and had used hormonal birth control (85.
Idiopathic granulomatous mastitis typically presents as a lump in the breast with or without associated features of inflammation, in a parous woman of childbearing age.
Initially 2 mg dose per vaginum for nulliparous and 1 mg per vaginum for multi parous women was used.
GWG was significantly lower in older, more parous women, with age and parity strongly related (P = 0.
For abortion and nulliparous abortion, these have been computed using single year-of-age data as in Abortion Statistics published by the Department of Health for England and Wales and the NHS in Scotland, for Scotland and data on parous and nulliparous abortions kindly supplied by these offices.
For parous women, most physicians and the World Health Organization recommend an interdelivery interval of 18 to 24 months, because a second pregnancy too soon after the first could have detrimental effects on the woman herself, her ability to carry the baby to term, the viability of the infant, and its overall growth/development (2).
Patients at particular risk for breast TB include immigrants from endemic regions--especially parous females,6,7 those with a history of TB contacts, and those who are immunosuppressed.
Cardiovascular effects of aerobic exercise Training in formerly pre-eclamptic women and healthy parous control subjects.
Of those women, defined as 'non-completers', 82% were parous mothers compared to 18% who were first-time mothers.