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also par·ral  (păr′əl)
A sliding loop of rope or chain by which a running yard or gaff is connected to, while still being able to move vertically along, the mast.

[Middle English perel, parrail, short for appareil, apparel, rigging; see apparel.]


(ˈpærəl) or


(Nautical Terms) nautical a ring that holds the jaws of a boom to the mast but lets it slide up and down
[C15: probably from obsolete aparail equipment, a variant of apparel]


or par•ral

(ˈpær əl)

a sliding ring of rope, wood, or metal that confines a yard or the jaws of a gaff to the mast but allows vertical movement.
[1425–75; late Middle English perell, variant of Middle English parail, aph. variant of aparail apparel]
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At the end of September 1593 Pembroke's were "all at home and hauffe ben this v or sixe weackes for they cane not save ther carges with trauell as I heare & weare fayne to pane ther parrel.
The parrel, a three-inch wooden ball used as part of the mechanism to hoist the sails of Henry VIII's flagship, is to be taken on the final flight of the space shuttle Endeavour when it launches tomorrow.
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