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1. The killing of one's father, mother, or other near relative.
2. The killing of the ruler of one's country.
3. One who commits parricide.

[Latin parricīdium and parricīda : pāri-, parri-, kin + -cīdium. -cīda, -cide.]

par′ri·cid′al (-sīd′l) adj.
par′ri·cid′al·ly adv.
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These teams carried out parricidal sprays at 209 and fogging activity at 262 potential breeding sites of dengue mosquito, while spraying activity has been done at 538 different places of the Federal Capital.
Last of his race, for victims of his maw, With fratricidal, parricidal jaw, His rage had each contemporary slain; Crack'd every bone, sucked marrow, spine, and brain.
In Bandarshah, Salih refashions Freud's theory into an allegory in which the parricidal impulse of the grandson (Meryoud) conspires with the preemptive violence of the grandfather (Bandarshah), both of whose interests unite in killing the father (Bandarshah's eleven sons).