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Noun1.rote learning - memorization by repetition
committal to memory, memorisation, memorization - learning so as to be able to remember verbatim; "the actor's memorization of his lines"
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Not only is "Call me Dave" saying it, but he is negotiating with other world leaders, like Barack Obama, to repeat these words parrot fashion in the hope that we British will fall for this "con" trick
Speaking about Rhodri doing the theory test, Mr Miller said: "It was pretty much parrot fashion for him.
Missing parrots snoop Dog, left, and Missy | ENTER OUR PRIZE DRAW TO WIN AN iPad MINI ENTER OUR PRIZE DRAW TO WIN AN iPad MINI phrases they've learned parrot fashion.
When they're mentioned now, she laughs and trots out a line she's clearly had to learn, parrot fashion, to avoid speaking about the issue with the same neighbours-chattingover-a-garden-fence honesty she does everything else.
His point was that it was all parrot fashion learning: chanting your tables; repeating the laws of physics over and over; copying thousands of words about Gladstone's first ministry off a blackboard; learning the names of every king and queen of England by remembering a rhyme: "Willie, Willie, Harry, Ste .
But the reality is decisions are left to the mandarin civil servants, who trot out parrot fashion "It has never been policy" and "we are under no obligation.
Is Woodhead's inability to deviate one iota from his theory proof that the old ways of learning a script parrot fashion lead to a chronic lack of originality and bankruptcy of thought?
After all, it is their words that count, even if they are spouted out parrot fashion by an elected ruler.
Or maybe he should be dunked in the Forth a few times until he can rhyme off parrot fashion those paragraphs and subsections of the SFA rulebook, written down on ancient parchment, pertaining to managers who have the audacity to say what they think.