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v. parsed, pars·ing, pars·es
a. To break (a sentence) down into its component parts of speech with an explanation of the form, function, and syntactical relationship of each part.
b. To describe (a word) by stating its part of speech, form, and syntactical relationships in a sentence.
c. To process (linguistic data such as speech or written language) in real time as it is being spoken or read, in order to determine its linguistic structure and meaning.
a. To examine closely or subject to detailed analysis, especially by breaking up into components: "What are we missing by parsing the behavior of chimpanzees into the conventional categories recognized largely from our own behavior?" (Stephen Jay Gould).
b. To make sense of; comprehend: I simply couldn't parse what you just said.
3. Computers To analyze or separate (input, for example) into more easily processed components.
To admit of being parsed: sentences that do not parse easily.

[Probably from Middle English pars, part of speech, from Latin pars (ōrātiōnis), part (of speech); see perə- in Indo-European roots.]

pars′er n.


[ˈpɑːzɪŋ] Nanálisis m inv sintáctico or gramatical


n (Gram) → Syntaxanalyse f; (Comput) → Parsing nt
References in classic literature ?
The runner passed them a dozen feet away, crossed the wet sand, never parsing, till the froth wash was to his knees while above him, ten feet at least, upreared a was of overtopping water.
He had seen too much of life, and his mind was too matured, to be wholly content with fractions, cube root, parsing, and analysis; and there were times when their conversation turned on other themes - the last poetry he had read, the latest poet she had studied.
Four, or six, or ten years, the pupil is parsing Greek and Latin, and as soon as he leaves the University, as it is ludicrously called, he shuts those books for the last time.
There were no less than three unhappy fellows in tail coats, with incipient down on their chins, whom the Doctor and the master of the form were always endeavouring to hoist into the upper school, but whose parsing and construing resisted the most well-meant shoves.
scanner must parse first name and last name from sc driver~s license; scanner must be a usb scanner; scanner must be preprogramed to parse the driver~s license information above or come with simple instructions to implement parsing (barcodes that are scanned to program the scanner).
The 2015 recipient of the AAAI Classic Paper Award is Eugene Charniak, who was honored for his paper, Statistical Parsing with a Context-Free Grammar and Word Statistics, and its significant contributions to sentence parsing and language models based on probabilities of possible alternative parses.
This approach is used by KB-MDA based information system for parsing SysML models (Use Case model, Block definition model, Activity model, Requirements model) and generating UML models (Class, Sequence, Package) from EM.
This left to right parsing makes the methodology moderately instinctive for human Resume Parser may mean extraction of abilities capabilities and knowledge of a trail of occupation seekers from their resumes transferred in different employment entrances for capacity dissection and assessment by HR Managers.
They cover lexis and grammar, lexicography, language teaching and terminology, translation, corpus building and sharing, and parsing and annotation.
From using the automatically generated parse trees to parsing files with more than one language, this packs in code examples and applications from validating program symbols to recognizing ambiguous phrases.
This feature, “Lenient HL7 Parsing,” provides an elegant solution to these deviations in HL7 usage.