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v. par·took (-to͝ok′), par·tak·en (-tā′kən), par·tak·ing, par·takes
1. To take or have a part or share; participate: partake in the celebration.
2. To take or be given part or portion: The guests partook of a delicious dinner.
3. To share some of the properties of something else: "Each tale partakes of its creator's poetic imagination" (Charles Scribner III).
Archaic To take or have a part in; share in.

[Back-formation from partaker, one who partakes, from Middle English part-taker (translation of Latin particeps, participant).]

par·tak′er n.
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Noun1.partaker - someone who has or gives or receives a part or a share
participant - someone who takes part in an activity
pooler - someone who shares in and contributes to a general fund for use by all
References in classic literature ?
He is a partaker of glory at present, Master Copperfield,' said Uriah Heep.
Yes, in these halls, stained with the noble and pure blood of my father and my brethren in these very halls, to have lived the paramour of their murderer, the slave at once and the partaker of his pleasures, was to render every breath which I drew of vital air, a crime and a curse.
For if a man can be partaker of God's theatre, he shall likewise be partaker of God's rest.
Impelled by the mystery of which he is a partaker and yet in which he is not a sharer, Mr.
I am so determined to love him, so intensely anxious to excuse his errors, that I am continually dwelling upon them, and labouring to extenuate the loosest of his principles and the worst of his practices, till I am familiarised with vice, and almost a partaker in his sins.
Leisurely and with something of an air I strolled along with my heart expanding at the thought that I was a citizen of great Gotham, a sharer in its magnificence and pleasures, a partaker in its glory and prestige.
Every partaker of his magnificent feasts would be seen to have been a sharer in the plunder of innumerable homes; every servile worshipper of riches who had helped to set him on his pedestal, would have done better to worship the Devil point-blank.
Upon these platters he placed two goodly portions of the contents of the pie, thus imparting the unusual interest to the entertainment that each partaker scooped out the inside of his plate, and consumed it with his other fare, besides having the sport of pursuing the clots of congealed gravy over the plain of the table, and successfully taking them into his mouth at last from the blade of his knife, in case of their not first sliding off it.
Thus at thir shadie Lodge arriv'd, both stood, Both turnd, and under op'n Skie ador'd The God that made both Skie, Air, Earth & Heav'n Which they beheld, the Moons resplendent Globe And starrie Pole: Thou also mad'st the Night, Maker Omnipotent, and thou the Day, Which we in our appointed work imployd Have finisht happie in our mutual help And mutual love, the Crown of all our bliss Ordain'd by thee, and this delicious place For us too large, where thy abundance wants Partakers, and uncropt falls to the ground.
Herein did the shape of evil dip his hand and prepare to lay the mark of baptism upon their foreheads, that they might be partakers of the mystery of sin, more conscious of the secret guilt of others, both in deed and thought, than they could now be of their own.
and that they do not, since they are men, and partakers of reason, is absurd.
Hence they may imagine, that to trumpet forth the praises of such a person, would, in the vulgar phrase, be crying Roast-meat, and calling in partakers of what they intend to apply solely to their own use.