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But former TRNC minister Ersin Tatar said that Akinci's first-round vote tally should not fool anyone, noting that the majority of Ozersay's votes were Eroglu's, and used Greek Cypriots' partialness towards Akinci as a slight against him.
At the root of these reflections, I argue, is Byron's ambivalence toward his own discursive exercise of power, for what the destabilizing interplay of sub-narratives points up is the similar partialness of the authorial perspective out of which they emerged.
And, while the partialness of the colorblindness revolution is perhaps most vividly apparent in the lower courts, it has been far from restricted to that context.
The partialness of the reform stemmed from the fiscal stand of the newly elected, first democratic government, which can be characterized by its accommodative stand to the growing deficit-despite the discontent of the IMF.

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