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Capable of being parted, divided, or separated; divisible: a partible estate.


(Law) (esp of property or an inheritance) divisible; separable
[C16: from Late Latin partibilis, from part-, pars part]


(ˈpɑr tə bəl)

capable of being divided or separated.
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Adj.1.partible - (of e.g. property) capable of being parted or divided; "a partible estate"
divisible - capable of being or liable to be divided or separated; "even numbers are divisible by two"; "the Americans fought a bloody war to prove that their nation is not divisible"
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And these arrangements are not subject to objections that parallel those to the right to be left alone with one caveat: the enforcement regime is more complex because information is partible, and thus can be retained and shared at the same time, complicating the remedial system that needs to be established.
Estos debates han documentado etnograficamente la existencia de diversos conceptos de persona en sociedades no occidentales, como la partible person de Melanesia (Busby 1997), la permeable person de India (Daniel, 1984) o la Amerindian relationality (Vilaca 2002).
14) See 2 Frederick Pollock and Frederick W Maitland, History of English Law (2nd ed, reissued 1968) 318-20, 340; George L Haskins, 'The Beginnings of Partible Inheritance in the American Colonies' (1942) 51 Yale Law Journal 1280, 1289.
He spoke recently at the First ComicCon Philippines at the Fontana Leisure Park in Clark Freeport in Pampanga, where he shared the stage with fellow Philippine-born animator Van Partible, creator of the TV animation series Johnny Bravo.
The idea that partible inheritance had a negative influence on the economic well-being of noble families is well known; it was set out in the famous Law of Single Inheritance published by Peter the Great in 1714.
1) According to Herlihy, the plague had an egalitarian effect on property and wealth distribution in the short-term, resulting from mass mortality and incessant fragmentation of patrimonies due to the prevailing system of partible inheritance among sons.
En dicha propiedad tan virgen y exclusiva de la intima identidad masculina y femenina, en su personal contenido nupciable, que no es partible en trozos, y en la duracion biografica del mismo, reside el fundamento antropologico de la unidad e indisolubilidad de su union amorosa.
Partible persons and multiple authors (contributions to Book Review Forum on Marilyn Strathern's The Gender of the Gift).
By contrast, Hong Kong inheritance law permits unlimited testamentary freedom and, when combined with social values that favor partible inheritance, the rapid fragmentation of the family firm follows.
Por su parte, el inventario puede hacerse antes de tramitada la declaratoria de herederos o una vez abierto el testamento a peticion de parte interesada, denominandosele entonces inventario provisional, y tiene como finalidad evitar la perdida u ocultacion deliberada de los bienes del causante con el objetivo de excluirlos de la masa partible.
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