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Noun1.particular date - a particular but unspecified point in time; "they hoped to get together at an early date"
point in time, point - an instant of time; "at that point I had to leave"
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NAV is calculated as at a particular date and is, by its nature, historical, and may not be reflective of Pinetree s future performance.
On this particular date night, French Montana was riveted to Khloe Kardashian and the reality TV star was equally smitten.
We have not discussed any particular date with John Kerry, because according to our agreement, you must first decide on the format," Lavrov said, referring to the phone conversation the two held late on Monday.
In past years there wasn't a problem because we could just ask the players to convene at the Kotla on a particular date, but with the first leg to be held in UAE, we have to consider our options carefully.
Skoda has not set a particular date for the launch of the all-new Superb.
I was in a nostalgic mood, remembering a particular date in my life: February 11, 1961, the day I was able to attend the second day of the Fifth Test match in Melbourne between Australia and the West Indies.
However, Aziz did not specify a particular date for the meeting, but said that it can be expected in the next two to three weeks.
However if you want a particular date, then it pays to get booKed now.
He said no particular date had been planned in October.
To meet a deficit target by a particular date regardless of the pain and suffering caused has become an obsession with this Government.
Many business establishments chose that particular date to launch new products, projects and innovations and make the most of the highly memorable date.
The NAV on a particular date is equal to the aggregate value of the assets of Global DIGIT, less the aggregate value of its liabilities.