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Noun1.particular date - a particular but unspecified point in time; "they hoped to get together at an early date"
point in time, point - an instant of time; "at that point I had to leave"
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Sudan's State Foreign Minister Atta al-Mannan Bakhit told the semi-official Sudan Media Center (SMC) the meeting would be held soon but he didn't specify a particular date.
However, if you've been promised or paid extra for delivery on a particular date or by a particular time, and the flowers weren't delivered in accordance, this could be viewed as a breach of contract - so you could get a refund.
Noonan said, 'We haven't decided on any particular date.
As for Russia, several statements have been made regarding resuming direct flights; however, no particular date has been set yet.
He sent a letter to a newspaper saying he would be out on a particular date and if he heard jazz playing in a house, he would pass on by.
This feature essentially transforms the timeline into a journal, where users will be able to know where they were and what they did on any particular date.
Those familiar with this particular date in history might feel as if they already know the story of the day Hitler committed suicide, but Kluge weaves a tale of all the events large and small that occurred concurrently.
Oman / NINA/ Iraq's ambassador to Jordan, Safia al-Suhail confirmed that Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari will visit Jordan soon, without specifying a particular date.
The PM urged the central bank to make a resolution that from a particular date all notes in India would be printed on Indian-made paper with Indian Ink.
NAV is calculated as at a particular date and is, by its nature, historical, and may not be reflective of Pinetree s future performance.
In past years there wasn't a problem because we could just ask the players to convene at the Kotla on a particular date, but with the first leg to be held in UAE, we have to consider our options carefully.
Skoda has not set a particular date for the launch of the all-new Superb.