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 (pər-tĭk′yə-lə-rĭz′əm, pə-tĭk-)
1. Exclusive adherence to, dedication to, or interest in one's own group, party, sect, or nation.
2. A principle of allowing each state in a nation or federation to act independently of the central authority, especially in promoting its own economic interests.

par·tic′u·lar·ist n.
par·tic′u·lar·is′tic adj.
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Adj.1.particularistic - relating to particularism (exclusive interest in one group or class or sect etc.); "a particularistic-seeming statement"
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In a time when India and Pakistan are both moving towards more fundamentalist, communal and particularistic ways of thinking and living, the courage and intelligence of social reformers from a bygone era - people like Ruchi Ram Sahni - become all the more vital to remember and learn from.
Agenda-wise, parties are either particularistic or universalistic.
In contrast, the NICs, China and Japan had relatively strong states, which transcended particularistic interests and implemented a long-term national vision of economic development.
Within those confines, however, a musical performance can become a vantage point through which popular trends and their nuanced socio-cultural causes can be gauged, for making particularistic arguments.
As the barriers between the various Jewish congregations collapsed and their members mixed one with the other, much of the particularistic customs disappeared, and the pluralism in custom and halakhah was replaced by a new eclectic local "Sephardi" custom.
That is, a particularistic explanation based on inherent traits cannot be the explanation for success, especially in situations of interaction that cannot be avoided.
This provides a counterpoint to the particularistic impulses of historical archaeology.
Eight chapters are: public services after democratization and decentralization; accounting for reform in the Mexican urban water sector; water and particularistic politics in urban Mexico: a historical overview; reform adoption in Le<AEo>n and Irapuato: policy insulation through broad elite incorporation; reform adoption in Naucalpan and Celaya: policy insulation through narrow elite incorporation; reform failure in Toluca and Xalapa: ad hoc solutions and gradual services decay; reform failure in Neza and Veracruz: repurposed clientelism and acute services decay; politics, time horizons, and the global water crisis.
We are likely moving toward a time in which a religious, conservative, particularistic American Jewish community supports a religious (or religio-nationalistic), conservative, particularistic Israeli one.
In our book, The Particularistic President (Kriner and Reeves 2015b), we examine the extent to which this oft-invoked conception accurately portrays the policies that presidents pursue, specifically within the realm of distributive politics, broadly defined.
Feld describes it in her new book Nations Divided, this was one of many moments-up until Nelson Mandela's death in 2013-that South Africa and its apartheid regime would force American Jews to confront a central tension in their identity, between their particularistic allegiance to other Jews (and Israel's needs, specifically) and their universal ideals, which found any Jewish complicity with the racist regime in Pretoria morally revolting.
This facility will be dedicated to the scientific cutting-edge research for the rocks in particularistic.