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 (pər-tĭk′yə-lə-rīz′, pə-tĭk′-)
v. par·tic·u·lar·ized, par·tic·u·lar·iz·ing, par·tic·u·lar·iz·es
1. To mention, describe, or treat individually; itemize or specify.
2. To make particular as opposed to general or universal.
To go into or give details or particulars.

par·tic′u·lar·i·za′tion (-lər-ĭ-zā′shən) n.
par·tic′u·lar·iz′er n.


(pəˈtɪkjʊləˌraɪzd) or


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Adj.1.particularized - directed toward a specific object; "particularized thinking as distinct from stereotyped sloganeering"
specific - (sometimes followed by `to') applying to or characterized by or distinguishing something particular or special or unique; "rules with specific application"; "demands specific to the job"; "a specific and detailed account of the accident"
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The variety of more minute interests, which will necessarily fall under the superintendence of the local administrations, and which will form so many rivulets of influence, running through every part of the society, cannot be particularized, without involving a detail too tedious and uninteresting to compensate for the instruction it might afford.
said Madame de Navailles; and, as this name resounded through his whole being, a cloud seemed to rise from his breast to his eyes, so that he neither saw nor heard anything more; and the prince, finding him nothing more than a mere echo which remained silent under his railleries, moved forward to inspect somewhat closer the beautiful girls whom his first glance had already particularized.
It accused the prisoner of resisting the execution of a search-warrant, by force of arms, and particularized in the vague language of the law, among a variety of other weapons, the use of the rifle.
He generalized, he particularized about the blacks; he told anecdotes.
Nowhere did we stop long enough to get a particularized impression, but the general sense of vague and oppressive wonder grew upon me.
In statements to the CBC extra news on Monday, Mohammed al-Rumaihi said that the Qatari-led Al Jazeera channel has repeatedly particularized negative coverage against Egypt, saying that the channel has been primarily founded to serve a specific purpose.
After two and half years, Ian joins as a director with CBRE where he particularized in retail park development for clients, comprising Kier, Opus Land (North) and Morbaine.
The Supreme Court has held that, to have standing, a plaintiff must show that he or she has suffered (or is imminently threatened with) (1) a concrete and particularized "injury in fact" (2) that is fairly traceable to the challenged action of the defendant and (3) that is likely to be redressed by a favorable judicial decision.
Does it require a particularized warrant and probable cause?
Ahlquist and Levi ask why some organizations move beyond the particular and particularized grievances that are the organization's official purpose, and engage in political actions, especially for causes that have little or nothing to do with members' reasons for belonging.
The meeting will review the work and recommendations of the GCC Permanent Technical Committee for the Civil Retirement Social Security and to take appropriate decisions, and to establish joint coordination stances between CRSS's agencies in international and regional meetings that are prepared and organized by the International Social Security Association (ISSA), in addition to reviewing the work paper particularized for the GCC retirement and social security systems that will be presented at the ISSA's International Meeting to be held in Qatar next November.
It is very narrowly focused on particularized cases and particularized needs.