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Partisanism and factionfuelled functioning of political parties deprive independents as well as politically and economically marginalised of scarce opportunities, democratic participation and appropriate representation.
There are several regional powers longing to expand their influence at the expense of the Arab world, their ambitions are covered by sectarianism and partisanism, and the Arab response should be made through cooperation and coordination.
2) Do original: In the modern era, for instance, journalism has designated its 'other' in various ways as gossip, tabloid news, sensationalism, partisanism, and so forth.
Because Pakistani politics, acedemia, bureaucracy and the media, unfortunately, are suffering cancerously, terminally, from the Triple P Syndrome: Personalism, Partisanism and Parochialism.
SPLM diaspora's chapters should also get shut down like our oil so that we revisit our sovereignty in reality without succumbing to failures from fakedness and appearances of partisanism in state's affairs.
The task force has striven to stay out of partisanism and incumbent protection.