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n. Music
1. An instrumental piece composed of a series of variations, as a suite.
2. One of the variations contained in such a piece.

[Italian, from feminine past participle of partire, divide, from Latin partīre; see partite.]


n, pl -te (-teɪ) or -tas
(Classical Music) music a type of suite
[Italian: divided (piece), from Latin partīre to divide]


(swit; for 3 often sut)

1. a number of things forming a series or set.
2. a connected series of rooms to be used together: a hotel suite.
3. a set of matching furniture, esp. for one room.
4. a company of followers or attendants; train or retinue.
a. an ordered series of instrumental dances, in the same or related keys, commonly preceded by a prelude.
b. an ordered series of instrumental movements of any character.
6. Computers. a group of software programs sold as a unit and usu. designed to work together.
[1665–75; < French, metathetic variant of Old French siute suit]
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Noun1.partita - one of the variations contained in a partita
variation - a repetition of a musical theme in which it is modified or embellished
2.partita - (music) an instrumental suite common in the 18th century
suite - a musical composition of several movements only loosely connected
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She excelled in these extrovert works but her playing of Bach was more uneven: there were occasional intonation problems in the Partita No 3 in E major and the Minuet would have benefited from a little more wit and insouciance.
Contractor address : Codice Fiscale e Partita IVA 01019310737) quale Capogruppo del Raggruppamento Temporaneo con Nuova Airone Societ Coop.
She had an exquisite lightness that lifted Bach off the surface of the planet, but also quasisymphonic drama where required, particularly in the Partita No.
The wren's voice is pure and vibrant, like a flute playing a Bach partita.
Family Araenidae), Pardosa oakleyi and Hippasa partita (Family Lycosidae) at cotton-wheat zone were studied for their predatory potential against three aphid species of canola crop under laboratory experiment.
Una ricostruzione avvallata dallo stesso club spagnolo, che all'indomani della strage, nell'ultima partita di Liga, ha deciso di scendere in campo con il lutto al braccio.
He is going to prepare a large and varied program consisting of an entire Bach solo sonata or partita, an Ysaye solo sonata, a romance by Joseph Joachim, a modern work commissioned specifically for the JJIVC, and a 35-minute recital which includes a Beethoven sonata and a virtuoso piece.
Bach, especialmente cuando se trata de la Chacona de la Segunda Partita en Re menor, obra incluida en la coleccion de Sonatas y Partitas para violin solo.
4 CAROLINE SHAW, PARTITA FOR 8 VOICES (2011) Just when I thought there wasn't anything left to explore in classical music written for voice, Caroline Shaw blew me out of the water with her composition Partita for 8 Voices, for which she was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2013, becoming the music prize's youngest recipient.
It was presented at the University College London on Tuesday, 10 March 2015, with talks by Jason Wilson, Evi Fishburn and me, and an extraordinary concert by the violinist Kati Debretzeni played Bach's Chaconne from the Violin Partita No.
Dylan Hart gave stunning solo performances of Messiaen's Appel interstellaire as well as his own spectacular arrangements of Bach's Partita in B Major and Rimsky-KorsakovN Flight of the Bumblebee.
Their yzmir concert will be of particular importance as "A Playlist Without Borders," a 2013 album by Ma and the group, features a cello solo by Saygun titled "Allegretto from Partita, Op.