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a. The act or process of dividing something into parts.
b. The state of being so divided.
a. Something that divides or separates, as a lightweight wall dividing one room or cubicle from another.
b. A wall, septum, or other separating membrane in an organism.
3. A part or section into which something has been divided.
4. Division of a country into separate, autonomous nations.
5. Mathematics
a. An expression of a positive integer as a sum of positive integers.
b. The decomposition of a set into a family of disjoint sets.
6. Computers A section of storage space on a hard disk.
7. Law Division of property, especially real property, between co-owners into equivalent, separately owned portions or shares.
tr.v. par·ti·tioned, par·ti·tion·ing, par·ti·tions
1. To divide into parts, pieces, or sections.
2. To divide or separate by means of a partition: We partitioned off the alcove to make another bedroom.
3. To divide (a country) into separate, autonomous nations.

[Middle English particioun, from Old French partition, from Latin partītiō, partītiōn-, from partītus, past participle of partīre, to divide, from pars, part-, part; see part.]

par·ti′tion·er n.
par·ti′tion·ment n.
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Noun1.partitioning - an analysis into mutually exclusive categories
analytic thinking, analysis - the abstract separation of a whole into its constituent parts in order to study the parts and their relations
resolving, resolution - analysis into clear-cut components
2.partitioning - the act of dividing or partitioning; separation by the creation of a boundary that divides or keeps apart
separation - the act of dividing or disconnecting
subdivision - the act of subdividing; division of something previously divided
septation - the division or partitioning of a cavity into parts by a septum
zoning - dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc
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20) While Hasan's critique of Jalal's neglect of Pakistani sources is a valid one, we must recognize that the Partitioning of archives was also an outcome of Partition, making comprehensive investigations of sources from all sides a daunting challenge.
Graph partitioning began during the early 1970s, and mathematicians evaluate the status of the field after 40 years.
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LUN and volume management software supports the partitioning and allocation of drives and storage arrays across a number of file or application servers (historically, RDBMS systems).
The AIX development team came late to the logical partitioning game, and the iSeries development team has once again bailed out IBM's precious Unix line.
The valuation of partial interests in real estate owned by tenants in common often prompts an appraiser to consider issues concerning partitioning costs.
BackStep Wizard-undo multiple prior partitioning tasks.
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