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Any of the point particles proposed as a constituent of hadrons, now known as quarks.


(General Physics) physics a hypothetical elementary particle postulated as a constituent of neutrons and protons
[from part + -on]


(Biography) Dolly. born 1946, US country and pop singer and songwriter
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To see the future of Dollywood, you need to borrow the vision of its chief imaginer, Dolly Parton.
League One rent prices are less than PS170,000 and as Mr Parton stated, why don't they sit down together and thrash out a deal?
London, December 8 ( ANI ): Dolly Parton, who has made no secret of her preternatural breast implants, numerous nips and tucks and her passion for mile-high blonde wigs, has left out the more intriguing dark secrets from her new memoir, her friends have revealed.
MUSICAL JOYFUL NOISE (1hr 57 mins) Certificate: (PG) Starring: Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton, Keke Palmer, Jeremy Jordan, Dexter Darden, Courtney B Vance Director: Todd Graff.
Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton are well matched as the fiery matriarchs of an ailing church choir, and both actresses enjoy sparky dialogue and some stirring solos, but Graff's script is simplistic and cloyingly sentimental.
ON THE RECORD Dolly Parton - Better Day With a career spanning six decades, there's no denying Dolly Parton is a living legend, having established herself as a performer, songwriter, actress and savvy businesswoman.
COUNTRY music legend Dolly Parton will play the ECHO arena on August 31 as part of her Better Day world tour.
She celebrated her 65th birthday in January but Dolly Parton says she is not yet ready to hang up her wigs and pack away the rhinestones.
The Canine Partners charity trained Endal, a labrador, to assist Mr Parton with everyday chores from picking items off a supermarket shelf to using a cashpoint and more recently chip-and-pin machines.
Parton is even more inspiring to David, a mentally challenged young man whose fixation has been therapeutic.
CLOCKING BACK IN: How can it be more than 25 years since "9 to 5" made Dolly Parton a movie star and an Academy Award nominee?