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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bin - a bin for holding spare parts
bin - a container; usually has a lid
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Trims are more individual that those in the Polo but all switches and stalks are straight out of the VW parts bin.
Adjusting the parts bin on an assembly line reduced reaching by 50%, which cut ergonomic risk to workers' shoulders and improved assembly speed by 4%.
The design was unique to the Scirocco, but virtually every mechanical component came from the Volkswagen parts bin.
Fast-forward almost half a century and the current car still represents a real bargain, but with the VW Group parts bin at its disposal, there's nothing antiquated about its engineering or design.
Indeed, the top-of-therange Laureate dCi 110 that I drove gave me deja vu with evidence of a rummage in the Renault parts bin, including the fuel and temp gauge, which was a feature of Clios of past years.
Interior trims are more individual that those in the Polo but all switches and stalks are straight out of the VW parts bin.
SKODA has been on a roll for quite a few years now and the crossover Yeti represents all that''s good about the 'new'' Skoda: a bold product that pilfers shamelessly from the parts bin of parent group Volkswagen to make a distinctive and quality all-rounder.
It was built around the mechanicals of the Austin A90 Atlantic and some have unkindly dubbed it a parts bin car but despite such claims it became a landmark in British motoring history.
The K80 call light is a simple solution for keeping parts bins stocked and the assembly line productive: It emits a flashing red signal from a large 50 mm dome-visible from 180 degrees-to notify stocking personnel when parts bin supplies must be replenished.
As with other Skodas, the VW-Audi parts bin is there for the plundering allowing a huge variety of engines from the miniscule but very advanced 1.
From this you could be forgiven for thinking the GT is a bit of a parts bin special but in the metal the purpose of this unusual new addition to the 5-series GT becomes clearer.