parts inventory

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: inventory - an inventory of replacement parts
inventory, stock list - a detailed list of all the items in stock
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with the existing parts inventory and with the components of the six (6) existing Carter Plunger
Predictive analytic solutions provider Clockwork announced on Wednesday its new line of lifecycle management solutions that improve system performance, reduce repair parts inventory levels and lower lifecycle costs of capital intensive assets.
According to Gary Appling, VP Technical Services & Purchasing, 'This agreement provides Mesa with competitive and predictable costs for the repair and maintenance of our DHC8-200 parts inventory, while insuring higher levels of service than we currently experience.
The company said that the assets to be purchased include the spare parts inventory and engine overhaul tooling and machinery for the JT8D, JT9D and PW4000 engines made by Pratt & Whitney.
2006-14, which provides heavy equipment dealers with a safe-harbor accounting method for using the replacement cost method for valuing heavy equipment parts inventory.
Bi-directional wheels offer the inherent advantage of lowering replacement parts inventory through the ability to serve clockwise or counterclockwise wheel applications.
Our preventive maintenance program for legacy networks marries our maintenance expertise and spare parts inventory with the flexible technology of WPLS.
As for running lean, Norfolk has reduced parts inventory from one day to about two hours.
Motch and Cone's machine manufacturing and rebuilding businesses will be transferred to DBII's Twinsburg, OH, facility, and the after-market parts inventory will go to its Rockford, IL, facility.
A complete parts inventory is provided, including spare mixing chambers for changeouts.
By improving the way it manages its spare parts inventory, Columbia Gas Transmission has created a profitable opportunity for anyone looking for a deal on more than 21,000 various surplus compression parts.