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One who attends parties or a party: The lobby was filled with partygoers.

par′ty·go′ing adj. & n.




1. a person at a party
2. a person who goes to a lot of parties
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Noun1.partygoer - someone who is attending a partypartygoer - someone who is attending a party; "the hall was crowded with an overflow of partygoers"
attendee, meeter, attendant, attender - a person who is present and participates in a meeting; "he was a regular attender at department meetings"; "the gathering satisfied both organizers and attendees"
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She was the most amazing and friendly person and if anyone asked for a photo she was happy to pose for a pic and have a chat,'' said a partygoer.
Kings Of Leon are one of the biggest bands around at the moment and Roman is a big fan," the Sun quoted a partygoer as saying.
Devontay Oats, 19, had been at a party in the 1800 block of East Avenue H-12 early Saturday when he got into an argument with another partygoer, deputies said.
2 -- color) A can-can girl, Kelly Hinkle, sings to a partygoer, played by her dad David Hinkle.
One partygoer said: "I thought at first it was part of the special effects, but then people started screaming and running.
A partygoer claimed that the 32-year-old was solo at the SNL after party and stayed until nearly 5 am, Radar Online reported.
One partygoer said: "The party was supposed to go on until 2am and things were just hotting up around 10pm when Caroline said she was shutting and everyone had to leave.
OUTTA HERE: Davinia's boob; AID: Partygoer takes in oxygen; GUEST: Sadie; BIRTHDAY GIRL: Kate before the do Pictures: MATRIXPHOTOS.
Thus the partygoer is willing to pay a higher fee in the expectation of getting more in return (Griffiths, 1995).
A YOUNG partygoer who was repeatedly stabbed with a samurai sword before being run over has been named by police.
In the women's bathroom (don't ask), one partygoer announced that her husband was a sous-chef at Maestro, a fancy Italian place in Tysons Corner, Va.