parula warbler

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Noun1.parula warbler - small grey-blue wood warbler with yellow throat and breastparula warbler - small grey-blue wood warbler with yellow throat and breast; of eastern North America
New World warbler, wood warbler - small bright-colored American songbird with a weak unmusical song
genus Parula, Parula - type genus of the Parulidae: wood warblers
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Prairie, pine, yellowthroat, northern waterthrush, redstart and parula warblers accompanied veery, catbirds and an unprecedented number of rose-breasted grosbeaks.
The sounds even attracted other species: ovenbirds, parula warblers and prairie warblers.
Teale noted redstarts, ovenbirds, prairie warblers, chestnut-sided warblers, yellow warblers, Maryland yellow-throats, myrtle warblers, hooded warblers, parula warblers, magnolia warblers, black-throated blue warblers, and many other kinds of warbler--each species in the finest of its full plumage, each distinguished by particularities of call and behavior.