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Though something is of course lost in translation, the pasquinade expresses the concern of many Italians today that Berlusconi ('Il Cavaliere') not only controls the country as Prime Minister, but owns much of the Italian media too.
Or we may reflect on the pasquinade of sorts, suggested by "Pasquini," the surname used once by Maravedis in addressing the narrator.
Essentially, its author serves as a compiler of documents through which El Supremo speaks: private notebooks, installments from a perpetual circular that narrate his country's history, a logbook discussing his family origins, transcriptions of his dictation to his personal secretary, Policarpo Patino, and a pasquinade demanding the dictator's decapitation and hanging of his followers.
The award was presented at the Investors' Pasquinade, a conference sponsored by Franklin Research to consider investment strategies that yield healthy financial, social and environmental returns.
is launching the first annual Investors' Pasquinade, a conference to bring together leading investment advisors, corporate executives, pension trustees and scholars for an in-depth debate on investment returns.
Edighoffer, 1981, 225, suspects that the Fama and Confessio - just as the pasquinade and the Turbo - were collaborative efforts by Andreae, Hess, Holzel, Bidenbach, and Besold.
The often-hostile reception of Urban VIII was exemplified in the Pasquinades and propaganda against him despite his great patronage of the arts and in part because of his nepotism and much-criticized conduct in the Thirty Years War (1618-1648).