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Noun1.pass receiver - a football player who catches (or is supposed to catch) a forward passpass receiver - a football player who catches (or is supposed to catch) a forward pass
football player, footballer - an athlete who plays American football
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He's a tremendous asset in blitz pickup and, obviously, he's a great pass receiver out of the backfield.
They are intended to give all of the DBs the opportunity to develop the skills needed to play one-on-one football with a pass receiver.
He set a pretty good benchmark last year rushing for 1,100 and being our leading pass receiver.
To make the point, compare the Patriots - not a bad offence - whose leading pass receiver, David Givens, didn't reach 900 yards.
Miller was important as both a pass receiver and blocker for the Seahawks' offense.
Oregon's perimeter blocking was not as strong as it has been in recent years, perhaps an area where the Ducks missed Huff more than simply as a pass receiver.
When 4 and 5 set their screens and 2 and 3 pop out, DG2 and DC3 will already be there to help deny the first pass or at least to force the potential pass receiver further out (closer towards the timeline and possibly the sideline).
Bush: Doing more as a pass receiver than as a ball-carrier, he gained 162 yards on 12touches and turned a screen pass into a long touchdown as the New Orleans Saints beat the Dallas Cowboys 42-17 in a showdown of division leaders.
He is a good pass receiver in terms of route running.
Milton Knox, RB/DB, (Birmingham): As a sophomore, Knox ran for 1,606 yards last season and is expected to be an improved defender and better pass receiver this season.
In comparing the two true freshmen, Bellotti said Crenshaw `is a little bit farther along as a pass receiver .
10) should instantly double-team that first inbounded pass receiver and look for a quick turnover of any kind.