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1. Something, such as a master key, that permits one to pass or go at will.
a. A border, such as a mat, that is used to frame or mount a picture.
b. An adhesive tape or a gummed paper used for a similar purpose.

[French : passer, to pass + partout, everywhere.]


(ˌpæspɑːˈtuː; French pɑspartu)
1. (Art Terms) a mounting for a picture in which strips of strong gummed paper are used to bind together the glass, picture, and backing
2. (Art Terms) the gummed paper used for this
3. (Art Terms) a mat, often decorated, on which a picture is mounted
4. (Building) something that secures entry everywhere, esp a master key
[C17: from French, literally: pass everywhere]


(ˌpæs pɑrˈtu)

1. something that passes or provides passage everywhere, as a master key.
2. an ornamental mat for a picture.
3. a method of framing in which a piece of glass is placed over a picture and is affixed to a backing by means of adhesive strips of paper pasted over the edges.
4. paper prepared for this purpose.
[1635–45; < French: literally, (it) passes everywhere]
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Noun1.passe-partout - key that secures entrance everywherepasse-partout - key that secures entrance everywhere
key - metal device shaped in such a way that when it is inserted into the appropriate lock the lock's mechanism can be rotated
skeleton key - a passkey with much of the bit filed away so that it can open different locks
2.passe-partout - a mounting for a picture using gummed tape
mounting - framework used for support or display


[ˈpæspɑːtuː] Npaspartú m, passe partout m


nPassepartout nt
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Mais c'est un anonyme, au look passe-partout, qui fait les gros titres : le hooligan, qu'il soit russe, anglais, croate ou turc, celui qui seme la violence dans les rues ou interrompt les matches.
Ceci etant dit, [beaucoup moins que]il n'y a pas un remede passe-partout et le football est un sport qui se mondialise de plus en plus[beaucoup plus grand que], martele le general.
2wice's Passe-Partout for iPad is interactive in a different way.
This circulation turns Gabo's stereometricism into a free-floating passe-partout that no longer reaches out into space (and hence metaphorically grasps for life) but rather figures as a two-dimensional visual element that is absorbed into the aesthetic scene as another prop.
Spanish theater troupe Yllana's performance "Muu," a satire about the world of bullfighting, honor and bravery; and Romanian theater ensemble Passe-Partout Theater Company's "Two of Us," recounting a love story through a combination of dance and theater, are two of the foreign performance highlights.
L'intention est de proposer un lexique passe-partout pour aborder la chanson du Moyen Age a aujourd'hui.
Festival highlights also include masters of physical comedy and mime from Romania's Dan Puric Passe-Partout company, a laughter special with Italy's Teatro Sotteraneo and L'Autruche (The Ostrich) by The Plasticine Men.
Ce mot passe-partout est ne de la contraction de trois autres : ma (il n'y a pas), aleh (sur lui) et shai (une chose), pour devenir un mot-valise.
Moby is, in essence, a dignified passe-partout in possession of a mixture of eclectic abilities -- DJ, singer-songwriter, and musician, with a mastery of four instruments, not least percussion and guitar, all demonstrated to good advantage Tuesday night.
The second dangerous piece of evidence is the presence, on the title-page, of a printed inscription with a seller's name and address: frequently, this involves a decorative passe-partout frame (10), sometimes hand-coloured in the publishing house.
With passe-partout In hand, I flew To rendezvous New love pursue, We bill and coo-My own sweet coup
On craint aussi de plus en plus que certaines populations vulnerables (les chomeurs, les personnes a faible revenu, celles qui sont placees en etablissement) ne soient pas bien servies par les restrictions et autres mesures antitabac << passe-partout >>.