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Passive character, attitude, quality, or behavior.

pas′siv·ist n.


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the theory, belief, or practice of passive resistance
2. the quality, characteristics, or fact of being passive
ˈpassivist n, adj


(ˈpæs əˌvɪz əm)

1. the quality of being passive.
2. the principle or practice of passive resistance.
pas′siv•ist, n.


1. the state or quality of being inactive, of not participating.
2. the doctrine or advocacy of a passive policy, as passive resistance. — passivist, n.
See also: Attitudes
1. the state or quality of being passive.
2. the doctrine or advocacy of a passive policy, as passive resistance. — passivist, n.
See also: Politics
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Noun1.passivism - the doctrine that all violence is unjustifiable
doctrine, ism, philosophical system, philosophy, school of thought - a belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school
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Here, systemic activism is the norm while systemic passivism turns out to be an exception.
Believing that boycott is an indication of their passivism, Sami said that if the state continues to exclude the young sector from the decision-making process, they would have no other resorts than extremism and violence.
Liberalism has been on the side of passivism in the face of danger,'' he wrote.
To millions of Russia's educated class, he was also a spiritual leader who counseled universal respect for human rights, nonviolent resistance to established authority, and passivism.
American passivism is not limited to the failure to use military power.
Lecturer in English, University of Sindh, Laar Campus, Badin, Tufail Chandio in his paper on `Social dynamics of Sindh and the poignant impact of Sindhi proverbs developing massive mindset among natives', said the social fabrics of Sindhi society and impact of Sindhi proverbs or sayings, which inculcate a negative mindset leading to passivism and inaction, hence all the doors to activism, progress and development stay shut upon the natives.
Various features of Millais' treatment of Ophelia's death, be it her flawless garments, or "her inertia and passivism as if she had been turned into another plant in the scene" (Mesa-Villar 2004: 228), remained an inspiration for contemporary models posing for photographs in necroOphelian style.
Nostalgia, through its selective memory of the past, through its escapism, passivism and fatalistic facade, becomes an alternative in this context, generating, in turn, disappointment expressed in low levels of electoral turnout, disinterest in and a passive stance concerning the public (i.
The Stoics do not advocate passivism, believing that one remains indifferent to the world if and only if one cannot change it.
At the same time, by maintaining that this primary causality simultaneously guarantees the integrity of creaturely secondary causes, he can avoid a radical passivism that would present the individual as a mere vessel for spiritual experience (Erleben) or feelings.
In this community we observe how pacifism - the pursuit of peace, degrades to passivism - state of being passive.
Former Justice Masami Itoh, who was also a professor of Anglo-American Law at the Tokyo University Faculty of Law, pointed out several factors that he believed might have contributed to the extreme judicial passivism of the Supreme Court.