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Then while the whole glade was filled with the savory smell of roasting venison and fat capons, and brown pasties warmed beside the blaze, and mulled wine sent forth a cordial fragrance, Robin Hood placed the Sheriff upon a knoll beneath the largest oak and sat himself down by him.
Then, while beyond in the forest bright fires crackled and savory smells of sweetly roasting venison and fat capons filled the glade, and brown pasties warmed beside the blaze, did Robin Hood entertain the Sheriff right royally.
Within an hour the guests were seated around a board which creaked under the great pasties and joints of meat, varied by those more dainty dishes in which the French excelled, the spiced ortolan and the truffled beccaficoes.
Two candles are placed on a table, white bread and baked pasties are displayed by the light, besides choice of venison, both salt and fresh, from which they select collops.
I have seen human early-birds munching on a croissant or bacon buttie as they walk to work; chaps enjoying a pastie, hot out of the oven and held in its paper bag; folk of all ages and occupations snacking on sausage rolls; tots in prams happily feeding on one of the shop's savoury snacks.
Just across the Mackinac Bridge, the Mackinaw Pastie and Cookie Company does a brisk business.
There's now a local pastie makers guild, an international pasty festival every October and the world's only pastie museum .
The traditional Cornish pastie or pastry filled with ground beef, carrots, potatoes and peas, provides one more comforting $8 entree bargain here.
While the PM may have ditched the infamous pastie tax, he's left the humble toastie at the mercy of the VAT man.
His nearest rival bowed out after 31 pasties, leaving Pete to devour his 32nd pastie to win first prize and set a new British record.
The mega-rich London club, owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, charges fans the equivalent of pounds 9 for a pastie.
KON lasted an astounding 60 MINUTES of his debut before the close attentions of his marker, Traditional Pastie (6ins), led his new manager to take him off before he succumbed to another injury.