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 (pă-stēl′) also pas·til (păs′tĭl)
1. A small medicated or flavored tablet; a troche.
2. A tablet containing aromatic substances that is burned to fumigate or deodorize the air.
3. A pastel paste or crayon.

[French, from Spanish pastilla, perfume pellet, and Italian pastillo, pastille, both from Latin pāstillus, little loaf, medicine tablet, diminutive of pānis, bread; see pā- in Indo-European roots.]
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Noun1.pastil - a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throatpastil - a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat
lozenge - a small aromatic or medicated candy
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Throw open the door of the boudoir, Aminadab," said Aylmer, "and burn a pastil.
PASTIL underscores the thrust of the Bank s Regional Integration and Trade Division (ONRI) to support Regional Member Countries (RMCs) and Regional Economic Communities (RECs) in tackling soft constraints to trade and regional integration.
EXTREME MACHINES: More for families than fanatics but El Pastil Loco Roller Coaster, Queen Bess Pirate Ship and Brave Tidal Wave Log Flume are great fun.
Richmond products include Skinny Cow, Fab, Rowntrees Fruit Pastil Lolly, Mr Men, Smarties, and Mivvi.