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Tiny pieces of pasta, often cooked in soups or used as baby food.

[Italian, diminutive of pasta, pasta; see pasta.]


(Cookery) any of several small pieces of pasta, typically used in soups
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Romanian Lucian Stinci, 34, was so infatuated with Florina Pastina, 36, that he installed spy cameras to watch her in the shower of the shared house where they lived in Croydon, south London.
Generalmente los estudios de brecha digital documentan el nivel de conexion a internet o escasez de conexion (Davison y Cotten, 2010; Goswami, 2008; Jackson, Fitzgerald, Eye, Zhao y Witt, 2010; Strover, 2001; Dijk, 2006; Warf, 2010; Warschauer, 2004; Weinstein y Clower, 1994; Wirth, 2006) y el acceso a los equipos de computo de una poblacion o ciudad en particular (Dijk, 2005; DiMaggio, Hargittai, Coral y Shafer, 2004; Hacker y Steiner, 2002; La Pastina y Quick, 2004; Malecki, 2003; Mertens y D'Haenens, 2010; Pedrozo, 2013).
From a theoretical and empirical point of view, these trends have been dealt with most extensively by cultural proximity theory (Iwabuchi, 2002; La Pastina & Straubhaar, 2005; Straubhaar, 1991, 2002, 2003, 2007).
The diversity within this community has created a complexity when we begin to think about the media produced and consumed by this lusosphone cultural and linguistic market (Rodriguez, 1999; Wilkinson, 2003; La Pastina & Straubhaar, 2005).
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De hecho, algunas series de television han pretendido y conseguido difundir diversos valores sociales; valga de ejemplo la telenovela brasilena O rei do gado (El rey del ganado), que a mediados de los '90 promovio eficazmente la reforma agraria, la integridad politica y la proteccion medioambiental (La Pastina, 2001).
Lauricella & McKay, supra note 126 (quoting Louis Pastina, executive vice president and head of operations at NYSE Euronext's New York Stock Exchange).
At this point, my interpretation coincides with the one proposed by La Pastina and Straubhaar (2005) regarding the perception of telenovelas in Brazil: cultural capital (Bourdieu, 1984) seems to be a relevant factor that guides the interpretation of media narratives, even at ages so early as the range studied here.
ORZO with SESAME and PEAS Paul Pastina was looking for something colorful and light to serve with chicken and fish when he came up with this quick dish infused with Asian flavors.
The author embraces this unique qualification with the understanding that researchers can never be objectively separated from their own values, experiences, and understandings (La Pastina, 2006; Medhurst, 2004), but they can harness these to produce robust research.
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