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Tiny pieces of pasta, often cooked in soups or used as baby food.

[Italian, diminutive of pasta, pasta; see pasta.]


(Cookery) any of several small pieces of pasta, typically used in soups
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ORZO with SESAME and PEAS Paul Pastina was looking for something colorful and light to serve with chicken and fish when he came up with this quick dish infused with Asian flavors.
For toddlers: Emi says: "By now your babies should be eating textured food - and a great recipe to move from puree to textured food is Pastina in Brodo con carrota (chicken broth with baby pasta and carrots).
In her new post, she will work closely with Annie Pastina, SpotGenie Senior Vice President Service and Operations and company President/CEO Wayne Dykes.
We intend to be open, but Mother Nature may have other plans," said Lou Pastina, executive vice president of NYSE operations.
Louis Pastina, an NYSE Euronext executive, said on Saturday that opening a day after the storm may depend on whether traders could get to work in Manhattan.
Pastina, an Italian native and literary expert and Crayton, a research psychiatrist, have peppered the translation with explanatory notes both on the personages mentioned and the conditions Garzoni describes.
Daniela Pastina cura invece, con breve nota storica iniziale, la Commedia di Nannuccio e quindici figliastre di suor Annalena Odaldi (1572-1632).
As described by Lou Pastina, NYSE Euronext's executive vice president in charge of NYSE operations, "In the last two years the New York Stock Exchange has increased its competitiveness, first by upgrading its technology, then by enhancing its market model.
Each piece of food should be the size of a piece of orzo or pastina (pasta that is a bit larger than rice).
Os autores que tratam desse conjunto de representacoes midiaticas (Romano 2003; La Pastina 2001; Marques 2003; Rocha & Marques 2006), ao analisar e enfatizar as relacoes que as producoes dos media estabelecem com os processos sociais, politicos e culturais, contribuindo na construcao de identidades, gostos e valores, de agendas politicas e na compreensao da cultura e das realidades sociais as quais representam, conferem importancia e dedicam parte de suas reflexoes aqueles aspectos ha pouco citados.
With chapters of commentary and recipes for Antipasti; Soups; Pizza; Sauces; Pasta, Gnocchi, Polenta & Rice; Fish; Poultry and Rabbit; Veal; Beef; Pork; Variety Meats; Vegetables; Salads; and Desserts, "My Love For Naples" offers 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes ranging from Pastina E Zucca in Brodo (Pumpkin soup with Pastina); to Scialiatelli Con Sugo Di Pesce (Homemade Pasta with Seafood Sauce); to Cotolette Di Vitello Con Piselli E Proscuiutto (Veal Cutlets with Peas and Prosciutto); to Granita Di Caffee Con Panna (Coffee Granita with Whipped Cream).