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A French liqueur flavored with anise or licorice, usually drunk as an apéritif.

[French, muddle, pastis, from Old Provençal pastitz, paste, pasty, from Vulgar Latin *pastīcium; see patisserie.]


(pæˈstɪs; -ˈstiːs)
(Brewing) an anise-flavoured alcoholic drink
[from French, of uncertain origin]
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Noun1.pastis - similar to absinthe but containing no wormwood
anise seed, aniseed, anise - liquorice-flavored seeds, used medicinally and in cooking and liquors
cordial, liqueur - strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal
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All this must be carried out within the framework of projects PASTIS, VIBESA and other projects.
Comic creator Stephan Pastis is notable for his self-depreciating humor (taken to extremes whenever his author avatar joins the anthropomorphic cast), savage predator-prey jokes, and shaggy dog stories culminating in extravagant puns.
France's Languedoc region boasts the world's largest wine acreage, pristine and vacant white sand Mediterranean beaches and internationally renowned cuisine including foie gras, cassoulet, duck specialties, pastis and varied fresh seafood delicacies from the spawning waters.
To push the boat out and taste the full extent of Mark's experience, book a table and try the a la carte menu which has a real French feel with choices including Gambis aux Pastis (pictured above), Poulet Forestiere, Boeuf Bourguignon, local Duck Con[euro]t and Roquefort salad.
In the afternoon, champagne, beer, and more pastis at around 5pm, to finish off the bottle.
Watterson collaborated with ''Pearls Before Swine'' cartoonist Stephan Pastis in June after a long absence from the funny pages.
Read Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made by Stephan Pastis.
His partner of nine years, Nerys Jones, told the inquest Mr Chupeau, who was originally from France, would only drink on the odd special occasion and only a bottle of gin and old bottle of pastis were stored in the house.
Were I several decades younger, I might well be tempted to learn the language, don a stripy T-shirt and beret and spend my days glugging pastis.
PASTIS, Stephan Timmy Failure: Mistakes were Made Walker, 2013 294pp $17.
Take time to stop at one of the bars to enjoy a pastis or a kir in the sun, we love the Bar du Port for the contrast of modern funky interiors to the old traditional exterior of the quai side.