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 (păs′tər-ə-lĭz′əm, pä′stər-)
1. The quality or state of being pastoral. Used especially of a literary work.
2. An economic system or way of life based on the raising and herding of livestock.

pas′tor·al·ist n.


(Agriculture) Austral a grazier or land-holder raising sheep, cattle, etc, on a large scale
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The pastoralist community was driven by divisions; a supposedly-unanimous delegation to the government calling for the immediate destruction of infested sheep was reduced to incoherence when the implications were spelled out to them.
We have lost five combat soldiers -- we have 11 soldiers that sustained gunshot wounds and we admitted them in Rumbek hospital for treatment -- those pastoralist youths are very rough and our forces have disengaged from fighting them," said Moses Dut.
Speaking on this occasion, Naveed Saleemi observed that there is no clear policy regarding landless mobile pastoralist.
that 85 per cent of drought-affected Somali refugees and host pastoralist
Pastoralist economies have been the base of Eurasian steppe societies for millennia.
The pastoralist residents of Mkomazi, numbering over 20,000 people, are today landless and have exhausted all municipal remedies .
Those most at risk are predominantly pastoralist or agropastoralist communities, which remain among the region's poorest and most vulnerable due to successive shocks and structural problems.
The itinerary reminds us that no English Renaissance pastoralist served Marvell as Spenser served Milton.
Deputy President William Ruto vowed bolstering for the development of business-oriented collaborations between pastoralist communities and capitalists in value-addition projects.
FAO is seeking USD 6 million to enhance the resilience of 125,000 extremely vulnerable farming and pastoralist families (750,000 people) who are affected by the drought," says a statement the FAO extended to Sudan Tribune on Tuesday.
ISLAMABAD -- Three day regional moot is scheduled here from April 24, Monday aimed at highlighting the role of landless mobile pastoralist in livestock development in mountainous regions of the country.
We're trying to adapt, but we cannot do this overnight," explains Idris Ali Igma, an Afar pastoralist.