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n. pl. pa·ta·gi·a (-jē-ə)
1. A thin membrane extending between the body and a limb to form a wing or winglike extension, as in bats and flying squirrels.
2. An expandable membranous fold of skin between the wing and body of a bird.

[Latin patagium, gold edging on a woman's tunic, perhaps from Greek *patageion, from patagos, clatter, of imitative origin .]

pa·ta′gi·al (-jē-əl) adj.


(Zoology) zoology of or relating to a patagium
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4,12) However, prolonged immobilization of wings in this manner may result in patagial contraction and a decrease in elbow function.
We captured six adult vultures at their nests and equipped each with an alpha-numeric patagial tag on the left wing and a back-pack style (Steenhof et al.
trapping and marking individual birds with leg bands, patagial wing tags, and/or radio transmitters.
Prior to their release, they'd be equipped with USFWS leg bands, tail-mounted radio tracking transmitters, and colored/numbered patagial ID tags on one wing that can easily be viewed from a distance.
However, complications such as muscle atrophy, joint ankylosis, tendon contraction, bone shortening, malunion, and patagial constriction are commonly encountered with wing bandaging.