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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The French absurdist concept of a philosophy or science dedicated to studying what lies beyond the realm of metaphysics, intended as a parody of the methods and theories of modern science and often expressed in nonsensical language.

[French pataphysique, alteration of Greek ta epi ta metaphusika, the (works) after the metaphysics (pseudo-title of a work by Aristotle modeled on ta meta ta phusika, the (works) after the Physics, Aristotle's Metaphysics) : epi, after; see epi- + metaphusika, metaphysics; see metaphysics.]

pa′ta·phys′i·cal (-ĭ-kəl) adj.


(General Physics) the study of what lies beyond metaphysics; the philosophy of the absurd
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The translation differs in crucial respects from the existing one by Eglington in that it relies on a keen appreciation of Leroux's modernism and, in particular, on an appreciation of Leroux's intertextual play with the sign of Ubu in relation to urModernist Alfred Jarry's concept of pataphysics, among other features.
Her and There": "Consciousness", explained More Pataphysics, rigid with emotion.
Jarry was the creator of "pataphysics," or "the science of imaginary solutions," about which Vian asserted that "one of the fundamental principles of pataphysics is equivalency.
For example, Magnetic Effluvium, 2003-2006, their best-known work to date, was inspired by a rare climatic anomaly, a dark snowstorm, described in Victor Hugo's 1869 novel The Man Who Laughs, and evoked topics such as Nietzsche's inversion of nihilism, Jarry's pataphysics, and Bergson's intuitive methodology.
Jarry-style pataphysics, or the science of "imaginary solutions," simply comes at the problem from the other direction, from deep within the mirror of impressions.
And, save for a brief entry on Pataphysics, those avant-garde authors--principally French and strongly under the influence of structuralism--who sought to make literature itself into a kind of science are barely mentioned.
Taylor is the curator of the retrospective exhibition and accompanying catalog, Thomas Chimes: Adventures in Pataphysics held at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in February-May 2007.
He then follows through asystemic fragmentarianism in terms of the political economy of the sign, symbolic exchange by way of neo-Marxism, simulation in terms of hyperreality, radical illusion and virtuality, and the seduction (and revenge and irony) of the object, radical nihilism, evil as illusion, pataphysics and God, and criticism on simulation and reality, subject and object, and evil and good.
I was also interested in meta-musical and, para-musical ways of expression, or down-right musical pataphysics (for example an incredibly knotted washing line called As Yet Undeciphered Notation in Knot Script, 1975) and I created various objects (one memento of this activity is the "musical can" on the jacket of the CD Der Erste), and I was involved in the mail art movement.
The Third Policeman celebrates, albeit skeptically, a metafictional poetics that was also embraced by pataphysics, a concept introduced by Alfred Jarry and embraced by the Oulipo, and which has echoes in writers such as Joyce and Cortazar.
This seminal lost boy is a palimpsest, just as is all of Slava's little league--curved ball hitters of temporal and corporeal dislocation, of the made and un-made, the chronological and circular, of Western metaphysics and color gang pataphysics.
We are incapable of seeing the meaning of Burian's speech, which is partly to the point, but partly unprecedentedly (in expression) poetic and also often escapes logic and "clear thinking" as if Burian was sometimes wrenching himself away into a curious world of pataphysics.