1. an act or instance of patching or repair.
2. done by patching: a quick patch-up job.
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Incidentally, Karan's best friend, superstar Shah Rukh Khan, was seen striking a patch-up between Bollywood's other two top divas, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.
LEFCO, the paper claimed, showed significant divergences from its stated specifications, and never reached the required operational standards, despite several patch-ups.
AA president Edmund King also called for longer-term solutions, instead of patch-ups after winter weather had dug deep holes in the roads.
Riddled with politicalspeak and short-term patch-ups, they have turned out to be more of a sop than a serious effort at the highest level to improve the bilateral climate.
This shows how important broad strategies and policies, and not just isolated patch-ups, are for any significant economic redesign.
NEW YORK -- Leading first aid brands best known for quick patch-ups for cuts and scrapes have evolved their offerings well beyond the simple adhesive bandage to address other kinds of injuries and wound care.
Between Iranian revolution Guide Sayyed Ali Khamenei's belief that the Arab revolutions were all influenced by the Islamic revolution in Iran, and the talk of spokespersons for the regime in Damascus about the fact that these same revolutions were made up by Israel and the United States to target and undermine Syria, the scope of fabrications and patch-ups is quite wide.
He said that for many years councils took a "penny wise pound foolish" approach to road maintenance, opting for patch-ups instead of proper repairs.
More often, however, he mends the fleshy forms with crude patch-ups and sutures, so that the damage remains evident and the distressed state evokes the scarred and embattled condition of the torn, incarnate and navel-blemished soul.
Sites identified by the council as bad patch-ups include parts of Williamson Square, Leigh Street, Williamson Street, Rainford Gardens and Mount Pleasant.
Lazy Bay Area public officials beware: If you're not efficiently eliminating eyesores or pouncing on pothole patch-ups, this could be a job for.
One such establishment is The Annapolis Inn, run by Joe Lespier and Alex Devivo - a retired double act who have observed marriage proposals, marriage patch-ups and couples' darkest secrets revealed over a pot of tea.