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n. pl. pa·tel·lae (-tĕl′ē)
a. A flat triangular bone located at the front of the knee joint. Also called kneecap.
b. A dish-shaped anatomical formation.
2. A pan or dish in ancient Rome.

[Latin, diminutive of patina, plate, pan; see paten.]

pa·tel′lar, pa·tel′late (-tĕl′ĭt, -āt′) adj.
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Adj.1.patellar - near or relating to the patella or kneecap; "patellar tendon"
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Habitual loading results in tendon hypertrophy and increased stiffness of the human patellar tendon.
Patellar tendinopathy (PT) is a common condition in sports, particularly at the elite level (Gaida et al.
Glen Davis has patellar tendinitis in his left knee and is expected to miss several more days of practice, while Von Wafer is in a walking boot after injuring his right calf in Friday's win over the Warriors.
A collection of fluid in the patellar bursa in front of the knee joint due to frequently kneeling on hard surfaces, hence the name.
The evidence evaluating corticosteroid injections for rotator cuff, patellar, or Achilles tendinopathy was too patchy to be useful.
Oram, who injured his left knee during a practice session for the ongoing ODI tri-series in Sri Lanka, will undergo surgery after an MRI scan revealed damage to his patellar tendon.
When he suffered his initial injury medics decided that he would be best served having a patellar tendon implanted into his knee from a dead person's body.
Their topics include positioning and set-up, the 10-point exam, meniscal repair, osteochondral transplantation, pediatric osteochondral injuries, a trans-tibial endoscopic hybrid technique for the single-bundle anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction using patellar tendon grafts, the arthroscopically assisted internal fixation of tibia spine avulsion fracture, and the arthroscopic treatment of arthrofibrosis of the knee.
Former Wales full-back Williams is set to continue his comeback after missing the last 11 months with a serious knee injury when he tore his patellar tendon last November against Glasgow.
Rasshan will have patellar tendon surgery on his left knee Friday.
The subject's residual limb, including cast, was placed in a clear acrylic tube (15 cm diameter) with a special patellar support designed to avoid soft tissue deformation from resting contact.
In May 2005, CryoLife began distributing cryopreserved high-dose irradiated patellar, tibialis, Achilles, quadriceps, and peroneus tendons to surgeons for constructive knee surgery.