plate glass

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plate glass

Strong glass in large sheets containing few impurities, used for mirrors and large windows.

plate glass



(Building) glass formed into a thin sheet by rolling, used for windows

plate′ glass′

a soda-lime-silica glass formed by rolling the hot glass into a plate that is subsequently ground and polished and used in large windows, mirrors, etc.
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Noun1.plate glass - glass formed into large thin sheetsplate glass - glass formed into large thin sheets
cover glass, cover slip - a small and very thin piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide
pane, pane of glass, window glass - sheet glass cut in shapes for windows or doors
flat solid, sheet - a flat artifact that is thin relative to its length and width
microscope slide, slide - a small flat rectangular piece of glass on which specimens can be mounted for microscopic study
glass - a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure
زُجاج مُصَفَّح كَثيف
zrcadlové sklo
zrkadlové sklo

plate glass

nvetro piano


(pleit) noun
1. a shallow dish for holding food etc. china plates.
2. a sheet of metal etc. The ship was built of steel plates.
3. articles made of, or plated with, usually gold or silver. a collection of gold plate.
4. a flat piece of metal inscribed with eg a name, for fixing to a door, or with a design etc, for use in printing.
5. an illustration in a book, usually on glossy paper. The book has ten full-colour plates.
6. (also dental plate) a piece of plastic that fits in the mouth with false teeth attached to it.
7. a sheet of glass etc coated with a sensitive film, used in photography.
ˈplated adjective
covered with a thin layer of a different metal. gold-plated dishes.
ˈplateful noun
the complete contents of a plate. a plateful of potatoes; two platefuls of chips.
ˈplating noun
a thin covering of metal. silver-plating.
plate glass
a kind of glass made in thick sheets for windows, mirrors etc.
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