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 (pä′tə-rə, păt′ə-)
n. pl. pa·te·ras also pa·te·rae (-rē)
1. A shallow bowl or dish, especially one used ceremonially by the ancient Romans in pouring libations.
2. A shallow crater on the surface of a solar system body, having an irregular or scalloped rim, caused either by past volcanic activity or by the impact of a much smaller solar system body.

[Latin, perhaps from patina, shallow dish (influenced by crātēra, vessel for mixing wine with water); see paten.]


1. (Archaeology) archaeol a shallow ancient Roman bowl used in rituals
2. (Architecture) architect a saucer-shaped decorative element, often on walls or ceilings
3. (Astrology) astrology a shallow planetary crater
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Io, the innermost of the Galilean satellites, is the most volcanically active body in the entire solar system, and its largest volcanic crater is called Loki Patera, after the Norse god.
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Michalski and Bleacher lay out their case that the basin, recently named Eden Patera, is a volcanic caldera, as it is a depression, it can look like a crater formed by an impact, rather than a volcano.
Dans un manifeste publie le 18 mars, l'Organisation democratique du travail et l'ODT-Travailleurs immigres reclame justice en faveur de 8 migrants Marocains morts a la suite de du naufrage d'une patera au large de l'ile de Lanzarote.
The second pan, called the Amiens Patera, came to light in 1949 at the site of a Roman house in Amiens in France.
The researchers detected the ripples in Nili Patera moving as much as several meters over 105 Earth days.