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pat·i·na 1

n. pl. pat·i·nae (păt′n-ē)
See paten.

[Medieval Latin, from Latin, plate; see paten.]

pa·ti·na 2

(pə-tē′nə, păt′n-ə) also pa·tine (pă-tēn′)
1. A thin greenish layer, usually basic copper sulfate, that forms on copper or copper alloys, such as bronze, as a result of natural corrosion or chemical treatment.
2. The sheen on a surface, such as one made of wood, produced by age and use.
3. A superficial exterior layer; a coating: "Everything bore that dull patina of grime that speaks of years of neglect" (Amitav Ghosh).
4. A superficial impression, especially one considered as added or acquired: uneven sidewalks that lend a patina of charm to the neighborhood's streets.

[Italian, from Latin, plate (from the incrustation on ancient metal plates and dishes); see paten.]
Usage Note: Most English words borrowed from Italian follow the stress pattern of that language and are stressed on the second-to-last syllable. There are many exceptions to this rule, however, and among them is the traditional pronunciation of patina, which has emphasis on the first syllable, so it rhymes with the phrase sat in a. This pronunciation remains the preferred pronunciation in Britain. But patina also developed a pronunciation that follows the pattern of other -ina words in English, such as cantina. In the 2009 survey, not only did 90 percent of the Usage Panel find this newer pronunciation acceptable, 60 percent preferred it.


n, pl -nas
1. (Metallurgy) a film of oxide formed on the surface of a metal, esp the green oxidation of bronze or copper. See also verdigris1
2. any fine layer on a surface: a patina of frost.
3. the sheen on a surface that is caused by much handling
[C18: from Italian: coating, from Latin: patina2]


n, pl -nae (-ˌniː)
(Historical Terms) a broad shallow dish used in ancient Rome
[from Latin, from Greek patanē platter]


(ˈpæt n ə, pəˈti nə)

also pa•tine


n., pl. -ti•nas also -tines.
1. a film or incrustation, usu. green, produced by oxidation on the surface of old bronze and often esteemed as being of ornamental value.
2. a similar film or coloring appearing gradually on some other surface, esp. as a result of age or long use.
3. a surface calcification of implements, usu. indicating great age.
[1740–50; < Italian: coating < Latin: pan. See paten]
pat′i•nate` (-ˌeɪt) v.t. -nat•ed, -nat•ing.
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Noun1.patina - a fine coating of oxide on the surface of a metal
coating, coat - a thin layer covering something; "a second coat of paint"
verdigris - a green patina that forms on copper or brass or bronze that has been exposed to the air or water for long periods of time


[ˈpætɪnə] Npátina f


n (lit, fig)Patina f
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Though initially more costly than steel, copper is virtually maintenance free, and with no pollutants in the pure Arctic air to precipitate the familiar green oxidisation, it quickly develops a rich, leathery patina.
Called patina, this coating protects the statue from further weathering.
The presentation was clearly in a museum-like minimal aesthetic, but the objects themselves, with their individual greenish faux-bronze patina, recall more the cheap replicas sold in souvenir shops or sitting on mantelpieces in certain living rooms.