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 (pā′trē-är′kĭt, -kāt′)
1. The territory, rule, or rank of a patriarch.


1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the office, jurisdiction, province, or residence of a patriarch
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) a family or people under male domination or government


(ˈpeɪ triˌɑr kɪt, -keɪt)

1. the office, jurisdiction, or residence of an ecclesiastical patriarch.
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Noun1.patriarchate - the jurisdiction of a patriarch
jurisdiction - in law; the territory within which power can be exercised
2.patriarchate - a form of social organization in which a male is the family head and title is traced through the male line
social organisation, social organization, social structure, social system, structure - the people in a society considered as a system organized by a characteristic pattern of relationships; "the social organization of England and America is very different"; "sociologists have studied the changing structure of the family"
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According to historic sources, the patriarchate in Tibriz is the oldest one in the country, followed by the one in Esfahan.
Societies's work isn't associated with authority of Patriarchate but rather with laws of Ministry of Social Solidarit.
Today this has become accepted and people have understood that eventually there is going to be a solution in which the role of the religious institutions and leadership of the Islamic, Christian and Jewish communities have to be involved," Patriarch Theophilos III told Gulf News in a private audience in the Greek Patriarchate buildings in the heart of Jerusalem's Old City.
On the second day of his pastoral tour of Aley, the Patriarch lauded the historical ties between the Maronite Patriarchate and the Arslan family.
Kirkuk / NINA / The Chaldean Patriarchate in Iraq and the world confirmed that unidentified gunmen kidnapped four Christians and killed two of them in the capital Baghdad.
According to a press statement published on the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the losses of the church were estimated at several million shekels.
Cyprus makes every effort to contribute to peace and security in the Middle East region with the strengthening of the country`s relations both with Israel and the Arab states, said President Nicos Anastasiades, during his visit in the Jerusalem Patriarchate and his meeting with Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III today Sunday.
Summary: Maronite Patriarch Beshara Rai will travel to Damascus in June to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new headquarters of the Roman Orthodox Patriarchate, ecclesial sources told The Daily Star Sunday.
Part of the festival of Russian culture in London, the project was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Patriarchate s Department for External Church Relations, E.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- As part of commemorations on the birth and baptism of Jesus Christ, held at Fener Greek Orthodox Patriarchate in ystanbul, cross-throwing ceremony was held.
The Patriarchate is one of the four ancient Patriarchates within the Orthodox Church today C the others being the Patriarchates of Jerusalem, Alexandria (Egypt) and Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey).