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centred on a father or patriarch


(ˌpæ trəˈfoʊ kəl, ˌpeɪ-)

focused or centered on the father.
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Finalmente, la patrifocal que consta de la presencia unicamente del progenitor masculino y su(s) hijo(s).
The simultaneous existence of what Bennett calls the 'filiafocal model' in which daughters and sisters are sacralized along with the patrifocal one in which the in-marrying women occupy the lowest status renders Nepali sexual politics interesting.
120) I use the phrase 'a sacred outsider' to problematize Bennett's endorsement of what she calls the filiafocal model of kinship organization, as an alternative to the dominant patrifocal one.
Like the hearths in matrifocal houses, the hearth of the men's house had similar symbolic connotations and elaborations for transforming men from different matrifocal houses into a patrifocal collectivity.
Although technology cannot resolve gender inequities arising at the organizational level or alter patrifocal norms, it helps women overcome constraints that are typically greater in developing countries, thereby ensuring a more level playing field for women to compete with men.
As Travis (18-9) points out, object-relation's emphasis on fantasy, as well as its shift away from the patrifocal Oedipal dynamic, makes it a salutary supplement to Freudian and Lacanian readings.
I suggest that a number of these stories of deviance constitute a challenge to the patrifocal and male-dominated structures of society.
The content was bland, so I decided to create WondergirlMedia as an alternative to the daily dose of patrifocal porn.
Bennett provided a theory which attempts to explain this complexity and how Parbatiyas can negotiate it: they are operating (a) a patrifocal model of deference to seniors, especially male seniors, and (b) a filiafocal model in which men worship their daughters/sisters.
These nomadic hunter tribes brought with them patrifocal mythology that included the worship of a sky god, Zeus.
It very carefully constructs a narrative about very carefully constructing a gendered identity and a patrifocal family history - until its final segments, when a feminine, oral, imaginative vision of history asserts itself as the only process through which its protagonist might resolve his dilemma.
Admetus, Daughter of Iphis (that is, Evadne), and one bizarrely (or Alexandrian-like) obscure metonomy: the marital, patrifocal, ethnic circumlocution, "the Phylacaean"--that is, the nomen inextinctum (Tr.